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Coogee 是一个简单的两栏固定宽度 WordPress 主题, 是我制作的第一个主题, 希望大家能够喜欢. 由于我是第一次制作主题, 0.1 版存在不少的问题. 这次更新 0.2 版, 几乎是把这个主题重写了一遍, 最大的变化就是支持侧边栏了, 同时也修正了一些错误.

该主题最佳浏览分辨率为 1024 X 768. 本机测试 IE, Firefox, Safari 下表现基本一致. 如果在使用的过程中发现任何问题, 请给我留言, 我将尽力帮你解决问题. 同时也欢迎大家多提意见和建议, 帮助我完善这个主题, 谢谢.

2008-07-10 更新: 修正一处头像显示的小错误, 压缩包已更新. 请手动覆盖 style.css 文件. 谢谢

2008-07-10 更新: 修正自定义侧边栏时搜索框下标题文字错位问题. 压缩包已更新, 请手动覆盖 style.css 文件. ( 感谢 aiting )

演示 | 下载: Coogee Theme V0.2 for WordPress


Coogee is a 2-column fixed width theme for WordPress. This theme now LIVE on the official WordPress Theme page, you can preview and download it. Please DO follow the readme.html file. Any problem related to this theme, send me email mottaed # gmail.com. I’ll reply ASAP. Thanks for the support, really appreciate!

2008-08-07 UPDATE:Thanks Tom Gilson for reminding me the FONT problem. I’ve fixed that and uploaded the Version 0.2.2. Still waiting for the official update (I do not have the permission), won’t be long :D

Demo | Download: Coogee Theme V0.2.1 for WordPress ( English Version )


  1. bestefm at 02:47 2009-09-11

    thanks… see my blog here… http://bestefm.de/blog

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  3. icyfire at 14:55 2009-10-08

    原来是style.css里少了个.header_left h2{ 语句.

  4. Martin at 22:05 2009-10-25

    This is a teriffic theme, I would love to use it for my blog, same as the Pyrmont V2 Theme. But is there an easy way to translate it to German?

    • motta at 08:17 2009-10-26

      Oh, I’m sorry, I did not use the _e() function in this theme, so the only way to do the translation is change every word.

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  6. nisti2 at 14:10 2009-10-29

    Love your THEME !! How do i change the header? :$

    Thanks !!


    • motta at 14:29 2009-10-29

      You mean the blog title? Under admin control panel, settings.

  7. Photo Holders at 02:55 2010-03-21

    Simplicity at its best… Great theme. Was wondering if this would work perfectly with adsense?

    • motta at 09:52 2010-03-21

      It’s not perfectly adsense friendly, but you can modify some of the files to include the ad, no problem at all. :D

  8. Ersan at 06:56 2010-04-03

    can you check line 21 in header.php English version?

  9. Ersan at 07:19 2010-04-03

    excuse me, your code true, i missed close tag.

  10. adibowo at 09:59 2010-07-05

    nice tempalte wordpress

  11. Soul Web Works at 18:00 2010-09-14

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  12. PC爱好者 at 21:15 2011-01-14


  13. Alex at 13:11 2011-02-26

    主题很好看! :smile:

  14. Felix at 14:35 2011-11-07


  15. Felix at 09:27 2011-11-08

    抱歉上面不是个问题,是修改CSS造成的。但是,searchinput 在不同浏览器下显示确实有问题,请看看。

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  17. Giovanni at 17:38 2012-10-25

    Hi, Congratulations and thanks for your very nice theme. I have one problem: the pictures are not centered in the page if a text is inserted in the caption of the picture. Can you please tell if there is a solution to the problem ? Thank you and best regards.

  18. adeipit at 13:38 2013-01-11

    good theme :)

  19. amit at 15:13 2013-04-26

    This is awesome theme. I have used it in many of my niche wordpress blogs.

    Thanks to creator of this theme… kudos :)

  20. libo at 03:29 2013-10-14