WordPress Theme: Pyrmont V2 (2.0.7)

Pyrmont V2 Theme

Pyrmont V2 主题已经上传到 WordPress 主题目录. 现在你可以在那里预览并且下载. (本地下载)

  • 支持 WordPress 2.7 及以上的版本.
  • 自带 “友情链接” 和 “文章存档” 页面的模板, 新建页面十分简单.
  • 支持 WordPress 的置顶功能 (置顶文章为深背景色).
  • 顶部导航栏添加 twitter 链接 (需要改动 header.php 的第 38 行, 详见 readme).

主题仅仅在本机上测试了 IE6-8, Firefox, Chrome 等浏览器下的表现, 兼容性良好. 如果你发现任何浏览器不兼容以及任何 bug 的话, 还请告知, 帮助我完善, 谢谢. 联系方式: mottaed # gmail.com 或者在本文留言.

Pyrmont V2 is a dark WordPress theme. Build in links and archives pages. Widget support. The theme is released under GPL. Preview and download link

  • Support WordPress Version 2.7 and 2.7+.
  • Easy to create Links Page and Archives Page (using page template).
  • Support sticky post (darker background color will apply to the sticky post).
  • Add your twitter link at the top navigation bar (need to follow readme file).
  • Drop down menu at navigation bar (version 2.0.4)

The theme is tested only on IE 6-8, Firefox and Chrome at the local environment, and works well. If any cross browser capability problems, or any bugs found, please contact me. Email: mottaed # gmail.com.

If you like this theme, you can make a small donation :)


  1. Sheila at 05:24 2010-03-04


    Great theme, simple and elegant, perfect!
    I have used in http://www.conectandoideias.com. Thank you!!


  2. leeker at 22:20 2010-03-11


  3. steelersmobile at 04:37 2010-03-16

    how can I change the theme to show categories as menu instead of pages?
    Other than that the theme is perfect!!

  4. kenge labe at 00:45 2010-03-22

    i would highly reccommend this theme to anyone on wp, great job guys…

  5. 刘苏 at 15:33 2010-03-27


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  8. Scott at 13:41 2010-04-27

    I really appreciate you sharing this theme! Nicely done. Thank you.

  9. Brown at 20:00 2010-05-05


  10. Alvaro Vicente Gonzalez at 23:55 2010-05-07

    Help !!!
    First at all I must say: Thanx, great theme. Now, I need help to fix the languaje of titles, I mean that:

    The titles called “home”, “about”, “links” was in english and I want to put they in spanish, that way: “Novedades”, “La Empresa” and “Enlaces”…. Thanx in advence.

    Please, if you (or anybody) can help me, write to predatorux@gmail.com

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  12. 形空 at 21:53 2010-05-28

    喜欢这款黑色调的皮肤.. 我wordpress用的就是这个模板..

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  14. RobbieS at 03:12 2010-06-15

    How do you change the font in the blog title?
    How do you add that twitter in the menubar?
    Or have I missed some settings somewhere?

    Great theme, by the way!

    • motta at 03:21 2010-06-15

      1. blog title: style.css line 110, you can find the font-family.
      2. to add the twitter link, please follow the readme.txt

      Good luck!

  15. Zorg at 23:30 2010-06-15

    Hi there, i love your theme. Is there a way to make the drop-down menu three levels deep?

    • motta at 23:33 2010-06-15

      I’m afraid it’s a little bit hard for me to control the layout, so sorry for now, maybe in the future.

  16. Zorg at 23:39 2010-06-15

    Ok, thanks for the quick reply!

  17. johnatas at 10:59 2010-06-17

    hey do you have this template in blogspot version ?


    • motta at 11:29 2010-06-17

      Sorry, no blogspot version available.

  18. martin at 00:33 2010-06-19

    Hello motta,
    have you a new version of your pyrmont-theme vor wordpress V3? in V3, there was the links in the footer and widget-bar on default-color

    • motta at 10:05 2010-06-19

      Seem everything’s fine on my local test environment. Please send me the link, I’ll try to fix that. Thanks.


  20. Renzy at 04:10 2010-07-07

    Hey, how can I add a sidebar to my widgets page? I followed the instructions to adding a 2nd sidebar but it doesn’t appear on the widgets page.

    • motta at 12:33 2010-07-07

      I’m sorry this theme does not have the feature to support a second sidebar widget. Sorry.

  21. Elias at 16:28 2010-08-03

    Any new updates on the theme? Thank you!

  22. brian at 17:00 2010-08-21

    Sorry, I know this is a dumb question but I wanted to find out if I can use your theme for a commercial project. I want to be able to modify it for the design I’m creating. I just like to ask because I don’t want to use anybody’s work without the proper permission.

    Thank you,


    • motta at 17:04 2010-08-21

      I think it’s ok, as long as you can reserve the credit of the author :D

  23. 雪泡瘦 at 22:00 2010-08-21


  24. Espen at 01:23 2010-08-30

    Great them. Nice work!

    Got one question though. I will be using the theme as a photo-portfolio, but when i click on categories it only shows the title and some info underneath it. Is there any way i can display the image, or the entire post?
    I reckon it has something to do with archives.php but i have no idea what to change :(

    Thank you

  25. cubo at 19:18 2010-09-21

    thank you motta!!
    i’m using it on http://www.silumsoundz.net
    nice work!!

  26. adoet_t at 18:52 2010-10-05

    cool, simple, am using this template http://tredz.tk

    Thank You iMOTTA

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  28. aungmin at 16:40 2010-10-24

    I want change in my sidebar widgets title color is white to green..
    Where do it?
    what is code?

    • motta at 16:46 2010-10-24

      style.css file, find sidebar section.

  29. Marcus Woznicki at 19:54 2010-12-12

    I added a link to this site on my blog! can you add a link of my blog to your site Adauga Anunt Gratuit Constanta

  30. meansoybean at 12:46 2011-01-14

    Is it possible to define the number of search results that appear on one page?

    I want to show one blog post per page, but this number setting also affects the search results page. It’s not helpful for my readers to go through the results one at a time!

    I had to change this setting to 3 instead of 1.

    Thanks (love the theme) if you can fix this I’ll donate.